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Lambda Literary Award Nominees Announced!

So the Lambda Literary Foundation has announced the nominees for this year's Lambda Literary Awards. A record number of books were nominated... 463 books from 190 publishers!

To check out the list, click the link below:

I'll be putting up pages on our website so you can easily buy the books today.
For those of you who are here because I just added you, I'm the Web Weirdo for Lambda Rising bookstores. This is the account I use to post on our LJ Community, lambdarising.

If you want to add me back, join the community (What community? lambdarising!) rather than add this account. I don't post on this account much (if at all) but I post regularly over there!

Also, I'm starting to add GLBT Authors (the ones I read on my News Aggregator) to my Friends list. If you're a GLBT Author and you'd like to be added to the Friends list (and my News Aggregator), let me know!

Remember, if you join the lambdarising community, your LJ will be listed in our Friends of Lambda Rising list (which is greater publicity for you!)

If you're an author, feel free to post about your book IN THE lambdarising community, once you've found out that we carry it. To find out, use the search feature on our online bookstore. If it says "Special Order", send me an email, and I'll look to see if we carry it.