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Lambda Rising's Web Weirdo

Lambda Rising - DC's Jack-of-All-Trades/Web Weirdo
20 May 1982
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I'm the office Jack-of-All-Trades, also known as the Web Weirdo. I handle most of our graphic design, the website, the up-and-coming email newsletter, and all of our online advertising, including our blog/LJ comm (lambdarising) and the company's MySpace page. I'm also trained as a bookseller and occasionally take a floor shift when someone calls in sick and we can't get a replacement.

My interests are listed (in brief: yes, that's in brief!) below. Hopefully, this will give you a better feel for my tastes in books, music, etc. and will better help you make choices.

Basically, I'm a bisexual, genderfluid, sexually radical, urban, disabled, kinky, computer and human sexuality and just all around general geek and my tastes lie in such.


Pervert Pride Campaign

White Ribbon Campaign

Raising awareness about GLBTQ Teen Suicide
And remembering those who we've lost

Colorbars are Love:

Lambda Rising is GLBT Bookstore Love
Lambda Rising is GLBT Bookstore Love

Marriage is love.

Love does not discriminate...Why should marriage?

Support the right to choose: married or unmarried.

Where love is involved, gender is irrelevant.

Bisexuality is Real.